Fernlea House receives Fernlea House servicesCommonwealth funding from the National Carers Respite Program to provide respite for carers in our catchment area. Fernlea House has a target of disadvantaged people and provides respite for carers who look after people with life limiting illnesses.

In Emerald, the House provides its program 4 days per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Only six guests per day can be accommodated in the day respite program, as they all have high needs, and a key feature of Fernlea is to treat everyone as a person, not a patient.

Each day the guests are looked after, like guests in your home, so they can leave the rest of their lives (including their illness) at home, and not worry about anything, just relax and enjoy themselves with the activities, company, fun and laughter, as well as a lovely lunch.

This leaves carers free of their responsibilities for the day so they can have a break and attend to other matters in their lives.

Fernlea House services

Comments from our guests

Guests who come to Fernlea usually cannot think of enough superlatives to describe their experience. Recently when asked what they thought was good about Fernlea they responded with comments such as.....

“A million things – it is really good to come in and forget about being sick for the day”

“I enjoy and look forward to coming every week. The Nurses and volunteers are friendly and kind –we would be lost without them”.

“You get to do things you don’t normally do at home. Fernlea makes you feel important.”

Fernlea House services“It's good to do craft and things for coordination, and doing new things without any pressure.”

“I enjoy the bus trip and people are very caring. Makes me forget things that have happened at home.”

“The gardens are wonderful and the Chef is great. We get pampered and looked after. I am very happy – Reiki is fabulous.”

“Everything is great- people, food, counselling, comp. Therapies, Memoir, Ferns – just EVERYTHING.”

Carers are offered support in a number of ways. Through access to information, regular Newsletter and invitations to relevant forums and activities, through their Care Plan and regular contact with staff from Fernlea.

“I am happy to leave mum here knowing she is in good hands and enjoying herself.”